Construction of integrated neighbourhood in Oman in progress

Business Wednesday 15/April/2020 13:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Construction of integrated neighbourhood in Oman in progress

Muscat: Construction work continues at Hai Al Naseem, the first neighbourhood of Sorouh Integrated Housing Development Project. Ya’arub bin Mubarak Al-Hadhrami, Director of Sorouh Integrated Residential Neighbourhood Project confirmed that work on the first residential neighbourhood project in Hai Al Naseem in the Wilayat of Barka is continuing at a good pace.
The project is located on a large land area of about 355,000 square metres and hosts more than a thousand housing units with various designs that guarantee the privacy and a system that balances nature and heritage, and includes service facilities and green spaces.
He added that in the coming months, an important stage will begin, represented in launching the marketing centre, starting of housing units marketing and the beginning of the sale stage. He said that this will provide citizens legible for land plots an appropriate option that allows them to live in an integrated neighbourhood that meets all requirements and promotes a modern lifestyle.
He added that the project, which is supervised by the Secretariat General of the Supreme Council for Planning (SCP), in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing, comes to achieve the partnership between the government and the private sector represented by (Idrak Development) with the implementation of the first district (Hai Al-Naseem), in addition to all facilities and infrastructure related to the neighbourhood within the project boundaries.
On the details of the progress made in Hai Al-Naseem, Al-Hadhrami said, "The preliminary studies of the project, such as traffic and environmental studies, have been completed, as well as all engineering designs for the residential area and the infrastructure of the project, and the preparation of the marketing plan.”
In terms of the construction work in the project, he indicated that the construction work of 22 independent housing units has started as models that are fully designed with all surrounding services, such as sidewalks, corridors and afforestation, to be used later as a marketing centre for the project.
He added, "The construction of one of the apartment housing buildings for the project has started. It will be fully furnished to be a living model for marketing the project.”
He explained that the marketing campaign will be launched in mid-June and the sale stage will start in July, and construction work for the first stage of the project will kick off in August.