Fall in new coronavirus cases, deaths in Spain

World Monday 13/April/2020 16:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Fall in new coronavirus cases, deaths in Spain

MADRID: The number of new coronavirus cases and deaths in a 24-hour period both fell in Spain, according to the data collected by the Spanish Ministry for Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare on Sunday and made public on Monday.

The total number of people who have lost their lives from the virus rose to 17,489, a daily increase of 517. This is down on the 619 deaths confirmed on Sunday, but still slightly above the 510 deaths reported by the health ministry on Saturday.

The reduction in the number of deaths was accompanied by a significant fall in the number of new cases in both numerical and percentage terms.

Monday saw 3,477 new cases reported, compared to 4,167 on Sunday and 4,830 on Saturday.

This is the lowest number of new cases reported in a 24-hour period since March 20 and equates to a percentage growth of 2.01 percent, which is lower than the 2.6 percent increase reported 24 hours earlier.

Spain now has 169,496 confirmed cases, of which, 7,777 have needed intensive care over the period of the crisis, while 64,727 patients have now recovered, up 2,336 from Sunday.

The Easter holiday weekend may lead to some delays in collecting data.

The Community of Madrid continues to be Spain's worst-affected region, with 6,423 deaths from 47,146 cases, while Catalonia has seen 3,538 deaths from 34,726 cases.

Monday saw some workers from non-essential sectors of the economy, mainly construction and industry, return to work in Spain amid fears that it could lead to the spread of the virus increasing again.

Police handed out face masks to people using public transport throughout the country, while workers are instructed to maintain a distance of at least two meters both on their journeys to work and at the workplace.