British singer Sami Yusuf releases album shot in Oman
June 26, 2016 | 11:43 AM
by Rejimon K / [email protected]
Screenshot from the video

Muscat: Oman is a beacon of hope for the world as it strives to preserve its natural beauty, says Sami Yusuf on the release of his latest album “Barakah", which was shot in Oman.

“As a lover of nature, tradition and the environment, it has always been a dream of mine to work on a project that incorporates all those subjects in a music video. I would like to thank Oman’s Ministry of Tourism for giving me the opportunity to carry out this dream,” the singer posted on his official website.

The album was released on Saturday.

Sami Yusuf collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism of Oman to not only showcase its incredible natural beauty, but also to stress the importance of nature-conservation.

“It is my hope that through this initiative we remind people of the celestial beauty and sanctity of nature. To this effect, Oman is a beacon of hope for the world as it strives to preserve its natural beauty and to aim for an eco-friendly approach and lifestyle which is to be applauded. It has been an honour for me to have worked in this noble project and I am positive people will love what they see when it is launched,” the singer added.

According to the singer, Ya Rasul Allah, the song in the album, comes from the Kurdish Qadiri zawiyas (Sufi centers) of western Iran.

“It is a traditional devotional piece expressing love of the Prophet and longing to visit Medina. The original words are in Kurdish but additional verses in Persian, Turkish and Arabic have been added,” the singer adds.

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