Coronavirus: Keeping busy during quarantine

Oman Monday 30/March/2020 18:16 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: As the governing bodies have taken strict measures to ensure people’s safety during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, people in Oman have adopted new ways of keeping themselves busy.

Many companies are practicing the policy of letting their employees either work from home, or have reduced the working hours to avoid the spread of the potential threat. With more spare time on their hands, some people have decided to take up projects such as online courses, cooking, yoga, learning a new language, and setting up vlogs, among others.
One such expat in Oman has, besides working from home, found a couple of activities to kill his time. He’s taken up an interesting online course, begun honing his cooking skills and working on a tourism campaign.

“While working from home during these days of quarantine, I have discovered something really exciting online - a business management course with the University of People which is a completely free university online and is accredited by the United States of America,” said Huzaifa Ubaid, the founder and digital manager of a tourism initiative called Pakistan Awaits.

“Lately, I have also been cooking a lot. I tried my hands at pasta about a couple of days ago and cooked honey chicken the other day. I am also working on an exciting tourism campaign on Pakistan under the initiative I started in 2018,” Ubaid said.

He also urged everyone in the Sultanate to abide by the guidelines that reputable institutions like Ministry of Health have issued to ensure their safety as well as the safety of those around them.

“I would advise everyone to stay at home and connect with family. Remember in your prayers the people who are working very hard to ensure our well-being and health in this crisis including the medical staff and the respected authorities of Oman. Also, reach out to people who would need your help,” he said