Committee discusses feasibility of proposed golf course in Sohar

Sports Tuesday 10/May/2016 16:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Committee discusses feasibility of proposed golf course in Sohar

Muscat: A steering committee formed specifically to study the feasibility of establishing a golf course in Sohar met recently to discuss in detail the proposal project.
The steering panel was formed after an initial meeting of the Oman Golf Committee (OGC) members and 25 top executive managers from the Sohar Industrial Area, Freezone and Port on February 8.
The meeting, held in Sohar, was attended by all the members of the committee, including OGC chief Mundhir Al Barwani. OGC Vice-Chairman Ahmed Al Jhdhamy was also present at the meeting.
“This was just our first meeting where we discussed the possibilities of building a golf course in Sohar. If we can really achieve this, which we are trying to with our honest effort, it will be the first green course outside Muscat.The possibilities were discussed at length. All the members of the committee are very keen about the initiative,” said Al Barwani.
The other steering committee members who attended the meeting were Port of Sohar CEO Andre Toet, C. Steinweg Oman CEO Arie Koppelaar, Sohar Aluminium Power Plant Manager James McDonough and Majis Industrial Services Planning and Projects Manager Dr. Salim Ali Al Mamari.
The committee discussed the location of the course, water supply measures to feed the greens and other important parameters that are necessary to achieve the goal. An in-depth discussion was held as to how to build the course, the number of holes it should have, course-management procedures, whether it will start functioning as a 9-hole course or an 18-hole one.
Al Jhdhamy, the Vice-Chairman of OGC, said: “The most important factor is location. Because we need to build a pipeline for watering the greens. At the same time, our aim is to get a location where water supply will be comparatively easier.”