Self-isolation tips to keep you going

Lifestyle Saturday 28/March/2020 17:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Self-isolation tips to keep you going

Whether you’re required to do it or are doing it as a precautionary measure, we understand that self-isolation can get (really) boring after a couple of days. Sure, it initially starts off with catching up on much-needed sleep, meditating, or even binge-watching your favourite series, but how sustainable are these habits if you have to do it for longer than a week. However, self-isolation if done right, we guarantee you’ll get through this period and come out feeling brighter, more positive, and most
definitely, healthier.
1) Don’t oversleep: It’s a great way to take 8-hours off those 24 hours (16 long hours to go), and we, by no means, are discouraging you from catching up on sleep. But if you’re staying in bed for half of the day, it’s going to make you pretty lethargic. It’ll even rob you off the motivation to do other things. The result? Your waking hours are going to start to feel even longer.
2) Stick to a routine: Continuing to lead a disciplined life (even if no one is watching) will help you stay on track. Get to bed when you should, eat your meals on time, and dedicate time to all pending works. The more you stick to your regular routine (minus the socialising, of course), the closer you’ll feel to normalcy. Besides, it’ll be a lot easier to get back to work once this period is over.
3) Invest in quality eating: If you’ve been eating-on-the-go because of your hectic schedule, now is the best time to rethink your food habits. You can start with making your own diet chart (come on, we all know what’s healthy and what’s not) and then preparing healthy meals for yourself. Cooking is a form of therapy!
4) Follow workout videos: Can’t go out for a run? Fret not! The internet is now flooded with indoor workout routines. You can even follow them ‘live’ if you want to feel more connected. Imagine, you have all this time to get back in shape! That would be a pleasant surprise for your friends and family.
5) Reconnect with a friend: Been a while since you spoke to your high-school friend? Forget about the weather, asking about how they or their country is coping is a very compelling conversation starter. Besides, it’s pretty likely that whoever you were planning to call is practising his/her version of social distancing too. Make the most of your free time and reconnect with them.
6) Start an online course: This is a great time to learn something new. Sign up for a new course. Just like the workout videos, you can connect with other students virtually, and by the end, you’ll have a new talent to show off in your resume.
7) Give your pets some undivided attention: Since we are certain that our pets won’t give us the virus, you can spend some quality time entertaining them and yourself. Try teaching them some new tricks or simply laze around and watch a movie with them. They’ll be thrilled!