Oman implements social distancing

T TV Thursday 26/March/2020 14:13 PM
By: Times News Service

Authorities in Oman have asked locals and expats to maintain social distancing whenever they need to go outside, although they are required to keep this to a minimum, as well as at home.

With Oman having reported 99 cases of COVID-19 as of Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has also said that shops that do not enforce social distancing will face legal action.

Measures that need to be implemented by shops including organising entry of customers in groups, instead of all at once, leaving a two-metre physical distance between one consumer and the other near the check-out area, and sterilising shopping carts and surfaces, as well as providing consumers with sterilisers. It is recommended to avoid shopping in family-sized groups and during peak periods, which is usually between 7pm and 10pm, and to shop online.