COVID-19 forces expat in Oman to miss funeral of three-month old son

Oman Tuesday 24/March/2020 19:07 PM
By: Times News Service
COVID-19 forces expat in Oman to miss funeral of three-month old son

Muscat: An Indian expat living in Oman was unable to attend the funeral of his three-month-old son, because of the halting of flights due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Ravi Kumar Pyla, who comes from Vishakhapatnam in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, had appealed to the Embassy of India in Oman as well as government officials back home to find some way for him to travel, but he was unable to see his son – who was his first child – before the last rites had been completed.

“On Tuesday morning, I tried to see if it was possible to find a way to go back home, but the funeral is now over,” said Ravi, who works as an IT professional. “My ultimate target was to go and see my son’s face one last time, but now the funeral is done. There is now no use of me going there, whether it is now, or four five days later.

Ravi’s little boy had developed swellings on his legs and face on Monday, and his family took him to hospital to receive a diagnosis on his condition. He was required to take a 2D scan that would help assess the problem, but the person responsible for operating that machine had just left for the day, as he was required to assist in the coronavirus treatment efforts.

Although Ravi’s family had been told to bring the baby for this scan the next morning, they were never able to do so: the infant developed breathing complications that evening, and didn’t survive the night. Ravi stays alone in Oman so that he can provide for his family. He and his wife had gotten married in March 2017.

“Once flights to India have been resumed, I plan on going immediately,” he said, speaking to Times of Oman. “My wife is with her parents, but we want to stay together at a time like this. It is now my responsibility to give support my wife with all the strength I have.”