Rare wild cat shifted to breeding centre in Oman
June 18, 2016 | 1:03 PM
by HASAN SHABAN Al LAWATI / [email protected]

Muscat: The rare wild cat found in Oman was shifted to the wild animals breeding centre of the Royal Diwan Court, according to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA).

Few weeks ago, MECA, in cooperation with a citizen had captured the animal in the Musandam governorate.

Dr Khalid Al Rasbi, a wildlife expert at the breeding centre, said the cat (Felis Silvestris) lives in mountainous areas of Oman.

This breed is known to be more active at night and feeds on rodents, birds and reptiles, according to Al Rasbi.

He said that its mating season starts in winter when male and female wild cats meet for short period of time before splitting up.

A female gives birth to between two and four kittens after an estimated pregnancy period of 62 days.

While most big cats like leopards and lynxes are on the endangered list due to hunting, these wild cats existence is threatened by cross breeding with pet cats.

The breeding centre will launch a breeding programme to bring more wild cats into Oman and possibly, send them back to the wild in the future.

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