Supreme Committee issues new decisions to prevent coronavirus spread

Business Sunday 22/March/2020 14:26 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: The Supreme Committee for dealing with Covid 19 has issued many new decisions to control the spread of virus including banning all types of gatherings in public places.
Following are the decisions made by the Supreme Committee:
1. Reduce the number of employees present in workplaces in government agencies to not more than 30% to complete the necessary work, while the rest of the employees can work remotely as determined by the authority.”
2. Prevent gatherings of all kinds in public places, and take appropriate measures against violators.
3. Close all exchange houses. The banks should provide exchange services, with the necessary precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic.
4. Stopping the printing of newspapers, magazines and publications of all kinds and preventing their circulation, and preventing the sale and circulation of newspapers, magazines and publications issued outside the Sultanate.
5. Close all customer services outlets in all public and private institutions, and only use electronic services.
6. The private sector should develop appropriate mechanisms for working remotely and reduce the groups of workers and employees on the job.
7. Commercial enterprises and individuals should limit dealing with banknotes should use electronic payment as an alternative.