Coronavirus: ROP ramps up preventive measures

Energy Wednesday 18/March/2020 20:09 PM
By: Times News Service
Coronavirus: ROP ramps up preventive measures

Muscat: Since the cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) have been observed worldwide, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) started implementing an integrated plan to tackle the probability of the outbreak of the disease in the Sultanate.
Brigadier Abdulmalik Sulaiman Al Kharousi, Director General of Medical Services at Royal Oman Police, said safety measures have been taken to limit the risks of the COVID-19 on society and to ensure continued security services.
He said that the Royal Oman Police is cooperating with the Ministry of Health and other departments concerned to screen the arrivals through all the border posts and ensure that they have not been to countries known for the COVID-19 outbreak.
ROP personnel are also communicating with the health institutions on COVID-19 suspected cases, he added, pointing out that examining ID cards has been replaced with passports so as to facilitate following up with the cases.
Royal Oman Police had provided an integrated medical team to operate the mobile hospital affiliated to the Directorate General of Medical Services to handle the field cases /suspected cases of COVID-19.
Royal Oman Police aims to limit the spread of the disease among ROP personnel and those under their responsibility. From February 2, 2020, ROP has started training its health personnel on handling the COVID-19.
Training is still going on at all directorates and headquarters of ROP, Al Kharousi said.
The Directorate General of Medical Services has divided its personnel into different teams to handle the outbreak of the virus, he said, adding that there is a work team to handle the COVID-19, a team concerned with dissemination of awareness at the border posts and medical teams concerned with immediate intervention to take care of the patients and a team for sorting out the infected persons.
ROP is also providing personal safety tools and test devices.