Qua al-Juba attracts visitors for recreation and picnicking

Energy Sunday 15/March/2020 21:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Qua al-Juba attracts visitors for recreation and picnicking

Mahout: The ‘Qua al-Juba’ area in the Wilayat of Mahout in the Governorate of Al Wusta is one of the beautiful tourist destinations that visitors from various governorates of the Sultanate visit to enjoy greenery, especially when it rains and wadis flood.
The area is characterised by the presence of the ‘Al Saadi’ tree, which forms green pastures for livestock and camel keepers. The area is frequented by visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate for rest, recreation and picnicking. There are a lot of plants in the area, and some exist for a period of approximately 10 months because they grow in the plains and plateaus.
The owners of camels and livestock move wherever they find grass and water, with the aim of changing grazing places and searching for new herbs and plants for their camels and livestock, and as it reduces the burden of buying feed, such as alfalfa and barley for their cattle.
The Wilayat of Mahout is usually affected by the depressions experienced by the Sultanate at different times of the year. The weather turns cold and cloudy, which attracts more visitors to ‘Qua al-Juba’ area to enjoy the beautiful weather.
The inhabitants of the Wilayat of Mahout are auspicious about the rains on the Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi, as the good level of rainfall means flooding wadis to the south for the people of the Badia. The people move to see the flood of the Wadi, which lasts for several days until it reaches the fertile ‘Qua al-Juba’ area, which is the only place in the wilayat where one can see different plants, the most prominent of them is ‘Al Sa’aadi.”
Also, “Al-Sa’aadi” plant can appear in ‘Qua al-Juba’ area in case of rain falls on Al Hajar Mountains, which results in the flooding of Wadi Halfin in the Governorate of A’Dakhiliyah or some other wadis.
Breeders of camels, cattle, and the rest of the people in this wilaya maintain this plant and they stop vehicles into the ‘Qua al-Juba’ area and set specific ways for passers-by to protect the ‘Al-Sa’aadi’ plant and other plants and herbs.
The competent government agencies maintain this area by cleaning it continuously and establishing guidelines for visitors and tourists.
It is worth noting that the Wilayat of Mahout has many tourist areas. It enjoys cold weather during the summer and warm during the winter, which allows the tourist to see natural Bedouin life and enjoy their food, like Qurus (type of local bread) with meat and camel or sheep milk and to listen to traditional music and songs, including ‘Al Wanna’, ‘Taghroud’ and ‘Tariq.’