EXPLAINED: The need for educational bulletins in different languages

Energy Sunday 08/March/2020 20:30 PM
By: Times News Service
EXPLAINED: The need for educational bulletins in different languages

Muscat: As part of our social responsibility, Oman's leading English newspaper, Times of Oman, is always keen to spread awareness and educate its readers on important events in the society.

These include, issues like climate change, natural disasters and the spread of diseases such as the current outbreak of coronavirus, regarding the procedures to be followed and implemented by the government authorities.

To effectively reach a larger segment of expatriates in the Sultanate, a number of whom who do not speak English, Times of Oman now intends to further create awareness and guidance for our readers.

To facilitate better communication with our readers in their mother tongue, Times of Oman has prepared educational bulletins in different languages to inform and update them about the prevention and safety measures being taken.

Authorities in Oman regularly publish new instructions and directives from time to time regarding novel coronavirus, in both Arabic and English and we keep updating them to our readers.

As a responsible media house, we ensure that such instructions are communicated in a timely manner, so that our readers can follow the required procedures to keep safe, and adhere to the instructions issued by the authorities.