Looking forward to future with the Times

Energy Saturday 22/February/2020 20:16 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: On the occasion of Times of Oman’s 45th anniversary celebrations, Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, the Chief Executive Officer, is looking forward to what the future holds, and is confident the publication will keep up with changes around the world, having swiftly and resolutely done so far.
“Today, we are seeing unprecedented changes in media,” said the CEO.
“Access to instant information has changed societies like never before. With this in mind, we at Muscat Media Group (MMG) have reinvented ourselves to meet those changes that have enabled us to solidify our position at the top. Innovation will continue to drive everything we do, be it our quick adaptation to social media and the digital world, or any of the other changes that will come in the future. “Our initiatives in embracing the digital landscape and ensuring we are always available on the information superhighway today see us reaching readers across the world,” he added.
“Millions of views by the hundreds of thousands of users on our website would not have been possible without meticulous planning, commitment and hard work.”
The CEO then went on to highlight the synergy among the various arms of MMG’s through which Times of Oman was able to accurately inform people across the country, of the latest developments.
“These days, the first place we see our news is on the screens of our mobile phones, so we want to be where our readers want to be, on whichever platform that might be,” explained Ahmed Al Zedjali.
“I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to our readers for their unwavering support to us. From our part, we will always strive to be a company whose association they can be proud of.
“Breaking news, for example, can go online, before being expanded upon through a video from Times TV,” he went on to say. “A deeper story can then be issued in print, while a detailed discussion can take place on our radio station. All of these sectors complementing each other through strong synergy and understanding will be the key to our success in the future, and will give us a truly unique position in Oman.”
Muscat Media Group’s CEO also went on to pay tribute to Times of Oman’s readership, and said the paper would continue to uphold the ideals under which it had been founded 45 years ago to strive to always be the best English media publication in the Sultanate of Oman.
“When I joined Muscat Media Group, our flagship newspaper, Times of Oman, was already an established product and occupied a special place in the hearts of our readers,” he explained. “Over the years we launched many other products that are today a part of our group. I state with pride that Times of Oman has gone through significant growth over the last decade. Our organisation has turned 45 today, and I wish our founder, Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali, were with us to see the journey we have undertaken.
“The paper was his vision and it was his dream to see it grow,” he said.
“It was the immense love for his beloved country that inspired him to launch the newspaper. This was born from the passion of serving his country. Our founder wanted the paper to be a roving ambassador for the Sultanate of Oman. We look forward to your continued patronage to share with you our vision for the years that now lie ahead. The next decade of our relationship with you will certainly be more endearing to both you and us.”
The CEO also praised the hardworking MMG employees for the success of the organisation.