Man fined over OMR 2,000 for selling adulterated tyres

Energy Tuesday 28/January/2020 10:50 AM
By: Times News Service
Man fined over OMR 2,000 for selling adulterated tyres

Muscat: The Primary Court in Wilayat Ibri recently issued a ruling against a violator of the Consumer Protection Law, ruling convictions, imprisonment and fines totaling OMR 2,200 with seizures.

According to Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), “The Consumer Protection Department in Al Dhahirah Governorate has received a number of reports about the presence of some shops selling new tires after tampering with the production dates.”

“Accordingly, the judicial seizure officers visited the shops and inspected the tires. A set of tires was checked to ensure that they conform to the standard specifications and are suitable for use. After examination, it was found that data and numbers were stamped on the sides of the tires in a traditional way, also that there was a weakness in the thickness of the rubber material used," PACP added.

“Based on what was stated in the expert’s report, the case file was referred to the Public Prosecution, which in turn investigated and referred it to the competent court, where it was decided to punish the defendant for violating the Consumer Protection Law by handling a commodity in which he did not adhere to the health and safety conditions as defined by law.”

“The person will be charged for misdemeanor of trading a fraudulent commodity that is not authorized to be traded, misdemeanor of non-compliance with the guarantee of the commodity it provides in terms of its conformity with standards and conditions related to health and safety, and misdemeanor of non-commitment to guarantee the commodity by stopping the circulation of a commodity after discovering a defect in it,” they added.

“The court ruled a prison sentence for the first month and a fine OMR 100, and the second one for three months imprisonment and a fine OMR 2000, and for the third to imprisonment for ten days and a fine of OMR 100, and for the fourth to three months imprisonment provided that the penalties are imposed against him and the most severely executed with others. The judiciary was told to confiscate the seized tires in preparation for damaging them at the expense of the convict.”