Ukraine seeks to establish closer economic ties with Oman

Energy Saturday 18/January/2020 15:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Ukraine seeks to establish closer economic ties with Oman

Muscat: Ukraine is willing to help Oman import many consumer goods and raw materials required by locals, expats and businesses in the country, the head of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said.

The president of the UCCI, Gennady Chyzhykov, visited Oman with the aim of developing trade and economic relations between the two countries, reported the Oman News Agency, the Sultanate’s national news service.

“The president of the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirms that his country attaches great importance to developing its commercial and economic relations with the Sultanate and that the aim of his current visit to the country is to exchange views with officials in the public and private sectors on further developing and upgrading trade and economic relations,” said the Oman News Agency.

He confirmed in a press statement to the Oman News Agency that Ukraine is in a position to meet the Sultanate's needs of foodstuffs, especially high-quality cereals, oils, dairy products, poultry, eggs, honey, fruits, vegetables, and various kinds of fresh, canned, frozen foods, and desserts.

This is “in addition to industrial products such as minerals, medicines and energy equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as participation in infrastructure projects in the Sultanate,” added ONA