Modern College of Business and Science holds science exhibition in Oman

Energy Saturday 07/May/2016 22:22 PM
By: Times News Service
Modern College of Business and Science holds science exhibition in Oman

Muscat: To build an academic environment that appreciates the spirit of scientific enquiry and innovation, the Wellness Club and Department of Computer Science at the Modern College of Business and Science held a science exhibition at the college campus recently.
As many as 150 students pursuing the General Education Course PHY 1, ‘How Things Work’, took part in the exhibition. Students showcased some 70 projects and working models based upon fundamental laws of physics. Some of the models focused on the following concepts:
The greenhouse effect was explained through an ideal, pollution free environment using clean, renewable sources of energy; a Segway demonstrated basic principles of pollution free motion and acceleration; a model roller coaster demonstrated the idea of weightlessness; a model of gyroscopic precision explained the principles of torque and angular momentum; a model displaying magnetic levitation explained the concept of running magnetically elevated trains; models of hydraulic lift and press demonstrated the idea of lifting or pressing materials using the principle of Pascal’s law; the solar energy cooler demonstrated the idea of cooling air with non-polluting solar energy; the model of infinity mirrors explained the concept of geometric optics; the solar mobile charger demonstrated the charging of a mobile phone using solar energy; a solar traffic light explained the idea of running traffic lights using solar energy; a hot air balloon demonstrated the idea of a lifting balloon using the buoyancy of air; models on energy conservation demonstrated the idea of conversion of wind energy to electric energy, solar energy to electric energy and electric energy to mechanical energy.
Making understandable
Commenting on the exhibition, Rajeev Rajendran, who coordinated the event, said, “The physical world around us is governed by the laws of nature, which are basically the principles of physics. Science and technology in today’s world is an integral part of our day-to-day life, but for many of us, the modern world is impossible to understand. In fact, much of this world around us and the everyday technology we use is governed by a few basic principles of physics, and once these principles are understood, the world and the vast array of technology in our lives become understandable. The students made a sincere effort to understand these basic principles of physics as part of their PHY 1 course project work, and made a good attempt to explain to others about their work”.
Rajendran added that the main purpose of this exhibition is to help students gain an understanding and appreciation of the basic principles of physics, to accelerate their skills in problem solving, logical thinking, critical thinking and seeing science in everyday life. Students explained the workings of their models based on the principles of physics. The exhibition will help students to maintain their scientific curiosity, which is essential for modern living.
“It was fun to be part of the physics exhibition, as we all had an opportunity to make working models of various equipment and gadgets that we use frequently in our lives, and which we take for granted all the time. It offered us an opportunity to take a peek into the science behind such modern day gadgets,” said a student who participated in the exhibition.