5 stylish hairdos without using hairspray

Lifestyle Monday 30/December/2019 17:26 PM
By: Times News Service

What does a fancy hairstyle usually need (apart from a lot of skill, of course)? You guessed right. Hairspray! And tons of it too, to keep those flyaway strands at bay. And then there is the time factor, which obviously comes into play only once we’ve actually figured out what to do with all those untamable locks. Despite the challenges, who doesn’t like flaunting new hairstyles, right? So we met with Hafsa Khan from Lotus Gulf Hair and Beauty Salon to learn some easy, quick (our longest was 15 minutes), and chic hairstyles that you can master without any hairspray. It doesn’t get better than this!

1) Butterfly – This hairstyle is easier to do for hair that is all of the same length. Leaving a few locks on either side, tie a slightly high ponytail. If you want a sleek hairdo, pull the loose locks from either side, twist, and secure with your ponytail. Split the ponytail into two parts and braid each segment pulling in additional strands as you progress lower. This is essential if you want to achieve the desired kind of braid. Tie the two ends together, fold and tuck from beneath. The braids will automatically open up to form ‘the butterfly’.

2) Rose – There are several variations to this, but if you can’t decide between leaving your hair open (you want to show off the new highlights, we get it), and keeping it neatly tied in plaits, this is the perfect style to get the best of both. Brush the majority of your hair on one side and make multiple really thin braids with the locks that remain. Coming back to the loose tresses, take only a single thick lock and make a regular plait. To give the illusion of a rose, tug at the sides of the plait to open them up. Roll the plait up and secure it with a few pins in the center. Bring the braids from the other side and pin it up with the rose. The rose is one of the most trending hairstyles of 2019.

3) French bridge updo – Looking for a chic, classy style for a fancy dinner party? Look no further than this smart variation of a French braid updo. Take only a few locks from the back of the head and tie a regular plait. Twist and secure on top to form a crown. Starting from one side of the head, plait from the back going all around the crown. Tease the plait to get more volume if it looks too limp. Gather a few strands from the other side, twist, and wrap around the crown. You can add some hair accessories in the form of hairpins, which will not just make this updo look fancier but will ensure it holds up better.

4) Twisted flip bun – This is great for those who love buns but want to do it a little differently. Though a summer favorite, it’s a good choice for winters too when the hair feels frizzy and can’t be left open. Pull all your hair back into a ponytail. Split the ponytail slightly to form a gap in the middle and feed the ends of the ponytail through the split. Keep tugging at it to ensure it remains tight. Roll the remaining hair underneath and secure it with pins. You can always add a chunky hair accessory, but for regular days, we suggest going without.

5) Twisted crown – The best thing about this hairdo is that it can make limp hair look more voluminous. Make two regular plaits on either side (leaving the rest of the hair loose) and tug the sides to give the illusion of more volume. Secure the plaits to the opposite sides and simply curl the loose tresses. A quick hairstyle that definitely looks like you’ve put in the effort, the twisted crown can be sported with beach waves, tight curls or just sleek, straight hair.