A grooming guide for men in Oman

T-Mag Saturday 07/May/2016 14:02 PM
By: Times News Service
A grooming guide for men in Oman

I am the kind of guy who can’t stick to a single hairstyle for more than a season, or even through an entire season to be honest. Why keep the same style when there are so many looks to experiment with? Despite all the funky options out there, I know a lot of men who fall into hairstyle-ruts, so I’ve shortlisted my five favourite globally-in-trend 2016 hairstyles. Go ahead, pick one and welcome the summer with a new ’do.

The Angular Fringe

An emerging trend this year ever since Justin Bieber wore it last fall, this trendy yet modern-classic hairstyle suits all hair tones and faces. It’s beautiful conceptual look will add a bold statement to your overall look. The haircut is all about angular cuts, meaning your hair must be longer on one side, and slightly trimmed on the other to create a long fringe that can be waxed backwards or blow-dried and layered outwards. This style is suitable for both straight and wavy hair.
Styling Tip: The best part about this hairstyle is that you can play around with it. For a classic look you can use wax or gel to create a chic, slicked-back style. And for that super cool, messy look you can use styling cream without combing and push it to one side. Or you can go full-on Bieber-style and sweep your locks forward to cover one eye.

The Architecture’d Line

I call this ‘the architecture’d line’ hairstyle, and it is one of the edgiest hairstyles out there. It is a classic undercut with a modern twist that incorporates uniquely shaved-up lines, angular structures, and fading element. This hairstyle is suitable for darker hair tones with a courser, wavy texture.
Styling Tip: Keep the lines of your hair and beard super sharp, especially on the sides all the way to your chin, as well as a sharp, straight line above your forehead. Get creative with the fading technique; you can shave or trim the lower part of the already trimmed hair for a double-undercut or levels.

The Top Knot

My favourite lazy-summer hairstyle, which I am currently sporting, is basically a man-bun with trimmed sides and back. It offers that cleaned-up, stylish hobo look, and plenty of versatility for guys who love experimenting with hairdos. It looks especially bold if you have curls or wavy hair, but it is suitable for all hair textures.
Styling Tip: Keep your beard longer, for that ragged, hipster look, or trim it to a scruff that connects to the trimmed hair on lower sides for a bit more polished grit. To keep the style looking good, trim the sides regularly and make leave-in conditioner your best friend.

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The Man Braid

Though this style is still deemed as ‘too much’ for some people, especially here in the Gulf, thick man braids have been making their way into the spotlight recently. This unconventional style is set to get trendier in no time, being dubbed as the “next man-bun.” It basically involves a french braided top knot in two or more rows along the top of the head. It suits all hair types and tones.
Styling Tip: Black hair is boring for this type of hairstyle, so dye your hair in a variety of highlights to accent the style and your skin tone, then start braiding. This will create a beautiful, strongly imaginative look. Highlights and hair dye combinations result in an attention-grabbing, multi-coloured braid.

The Funky Pompadour

The Pompadour hairstyle is the ultimate edgy-classic style that can work for every man, from businessmen to hipsters, and everyone in between. Thanks to Elvis, “The King of Rock and Roll,” this trend is now celebrated by men globally, and it’s rocking harder than ever this year. Classically a volumised, swept-upwards-and-backwards hairstyle, the contemporary version includes tightly-trimmed sides (think Bruno Mars). This style works best for those with smooth or slightly wavy hair.
Styling Tip: This hairstyle is excruciatingly alluring and very stylish, but it does demand a high level of maintenance. You must trim the lower sides regularly and keep your hair super fresh with daily styling. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep it moist throughout the day even after excessive styling.

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