Oman’s marine tourism gets a shot in the arm

Oman Tuesday 24/December/2019 21:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s marine tourism gets a shot in the arm

Muscat: Marine tourism in the Sultanate of Oman is becoming popular due to its diverse forms and types.
It has emerged as an important form of tourism in the country due to its geographic components and marine nature.
Oman’s beaches are spread across 3,169 square kilometres. It makes it one of the countries which can host marine games. Already there are many forms of sports and marine and water activities.
They are considered one of the most important recreational activities popular in tourists. Prominent among these activities are surface diving, dolphin watching, deep diving and sunset watching.
There are many institutions in the Sultanate which promote marine tourism. Also there are hotels and fine dining restaurants to meet the requirements of tourists. They make an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.
Saleh bin Ali Al Khayifi, Director of Tourism Marketing and Promotion in the Ministry of Tourism, said that marine tourism of various types has become popular in the Sultanate of Oman. This is because, the country has many interesting and enjoyable places which attract tourists. The marine tourism has different types each of it has its own joy and pleasures, including boat trips, sailing and diving trips, as well as watching dolphins etc.
Al Khayifi said: The Ministry of Tourism supports everything which helps the Sultanate achieving added value. The marine tourism is one of the specific tourism area which is given importance by the ministry. This is because the Sultanate has beautiful beaches and places to organise this type of tourism activities. The ministry also making efforts to attract tourists to enjoy the beauty of Oman and explore its marine environment.”
“This period of the year is one of the best periods to enjoy marine tourism in the Sultanate. However, it can also be practiced always.
“The Sultanate has all ingredients and capabilities which is required by the marine tourism. In Oman is it unique and different from other countries due its beautiful places to practice such tourism activities, whether in the capital Muscat or outside. East site is different from other in environment. There are also many investment opportunities open for companies in this area to add value to the national economy. This is possible by doing feasibility study and understanding of the needs for related activities including marine tours of the Sultanate, said Al Khayfi.
He said: There are many companies which are already working in the area of marine tourism. They organise several activities and provide services in this sector. The Ministry of Tourism supports these companies so that it helps the tourism industry of the country.”