Make your holiday baking tasty and wholesome

Lifestyle Tuesday 24/December/2019 09:22 AM
By: Times News Service
Make your holiday baking tasty and wholesome

What are the benefits of baking from scratch?

Mostly, it’s fun, and your whole family can join in. On top of that, nothing tastes as good as fresh baked treats right out of the oven.

For another bonus, it makes the whole house smell great. But perhaps the most important reason to bake from scratch is that you’ll know exactly what’s going in everything you make.

Even when baking delicious treats, you can savour all the flavour while also looking out for your family’s well-being. Choosing ingredients carefully makes all the difference.

If you want to reduce your family’s consumption of artificial ingredients, here are tips for baking more natural treats this holiday season.

Choose natural sugar

Skip the refined white sugar and substitute the same amount by natural sugarcane. The hearty, golden crystals
are made from the first pressing of sugarcane and never bleached, so they keep the rich flavour and colour of natural molasses.

Available in bulk, the bags of granulated sugar in the raw will keep you prepared for your holiday baking blitz.

Use natural food colouring

For recipes needing colored icing or colored batter, you can now find natural food colouring on the market that uses 100% natural vegetable juices, rather than relying on artificial additives.

Try butter alternatives

While regular dairy butter provides a unique texture that other products can’t always duplicate, you can substitute at least part of the standard butter in many recipes with other choices like vegetable oils, cultured organic butter, grass-fed butter, clarified butter (or ghee), or even coconut oil as more
healthful alternatives.

Experiment with a favourite recipe first to see what ingredients work best.

Bake with fresh produce

When you’re baking pies or making other dessert recipes that contain fruit, opt for the best quality fresh produce you can find in your area.

You, your family and guests will all notice the difference in taste. Make your holiday baking tasty and wholesome this year by using the best natural ingredients available.

You and your family will love your baked goods as much as you enjoyed making them. -Brandpoint