Workshop analyses core reasons for medical accidents

Energy Sunday 22/December/2019 20:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Workshop analyses core reasons for medical accidents

Muscat: The Directorate General of Quality Assurance Centre (DGQAC) of the Ministry of Health organised on Sunday a workshop to analyse the core reasons for medical accidents at the training centre of the Public Authority of Civil Aviation.
Dr. Qamra bint Said Al-Sariri, DGQAC Director General attended the workshop with the participation of a number of medical staff and allied medical professions from various primary and tertiary healthcare institutions.
The workshop aimed to study the methods for determining the medical accidents occurred in the work environment of the health institutions, in addition to analysing their root causes, resolving problems associated with them systematically, and avoiding them in the future in order to raise the health services level provided in the health institutions and promoting and thus promoting the patient safety.
Dr. QamraAl-Sariri said that Incidents Reporting and Learning System (Aman), which was launched in April by the DGQAC, is the newest step of recording and handling of accidents.