Travel Oman: Dahariz beach in Salalah

Oman Thursday 19/December/2019 07:58 AM
By: Times News Service
Travel Oman: Dahariz beach in Salalah

Located just a few minutes away from Salalah proper is the beach of Dahariz, one of the most popular hangout zones for locals and tourists alike.
Situated between the Arabian Sea on one side and a lagoon on the other, the two bodies of water provide a truly unique landscape to the beach and its surrounding areas. Dahariz beach is quite popular all year round, but does see a surge in visitors during the Khareef season, which brings rain to Salalah and the Dhofar Governorate during the summer months.
“With Caribbean-quality turquoise water, white sand and no seaweed, a visit to Salalah’s beaches feels like stumbling upon a well-kept secret,” said a statement from Etihad Airways, which operates seasonal flights to and from the capital of Dhofar. “One of the best is Ad Dahariz, which is lined with palm trees and a jogging track that’s illuminated after dusk.
Nature lover’s paradise

“Locals visit at sunset to browse stalls selling sugar cane juice, dried fruit, and bananas and coconuts grown in local plantations – perfect if you’ve had your fill of dates,” added the airline. “Further south, Al Mughsail Beach is bordered by limestone cliffs. Go early to avoid the crowds – at quiet times, it really feels wild as waves crash into blowholes, spraying sea water 20 metres into the air.”
The area is also a birdwatcher and nature lover’s paradise, with several avian species. The African silverbill, Verreaux eagle, Ruppell’s weaver, African scops owl, Bruce’s green pigeon and the Didric cuckoo are but a few of the types of birds found near Ad Dahariz.
“Broadly, the three best sites for birdwatching in Dhofar a re Mughsayl Lagoon, Darbat, and Khawr Ad Dahariz,” explained travel writer Tony Walsh in his guide to Oman, which he co-wrote with Diana Darke. “Add in Ain Razat and Ain Hamran for more unusual species. It is easy to travel to these sites independently, but if you would like an accompanied tour, speak to a tour operator.”