Oman's next 5-year plan to focus on Tanfeedh goals

Energy Saturday 14/December/2019 22:19 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman's next 5-year plan to focus on Tanfeedh goals

Muscat: Oman’s next five-year-plan will focus its efforts towards achieving the Tanfeedh goals for economic diversification, according to Dr Talal Al Rahbi, the Deputy Secretary-General of Oman’s Supreme Council for Planning (SCP).
The Tanfeedh plan for economic diversification aims to move Oman away from the oil-and-gas-based sources of income, and has earmarked five sectors that have high growth potential and economic returns. These are agriculture and fisheries, manufacturing, logistics and transport, energy and mining, and tourism.
“In the five-year plan, we are focusing on the five promising sectors, namely tourism, manufacturing, mining, fisheries and logistics,” said Al Rahbi, at a workshop organised by the SCP to explain the factors that will influence the drafting of the 10th five-year plan. “The programmes came also to focus on the investment of these sectors and the jobs that will be created in these sectors”.
“Of course, in this context, the Implementation, Support and Follow-up Unit (ISFU) that was established in 2016 has, as one of its mandates, to follow up on the results of the Tanfeedh labs that took place to study these five sectors,” he added. The General Secretariat of the SCP is formulating the 10th five-year plan (2021-2025) as the first implementation plan for Oman’s Vision 2040. The vision sets four main objectives for work, including man and society, economy and development, governance and institutional performance, and the environment of work. There are 12 national priorities which contain 75 strategic aims and 68 indicators to measure this performance.
The 10th five-year plan is the first implementation plan of Vision 2040, and will determine the priority aims that the county will be working on during the next five years. One of the most important features of the methodology of setting the tenth five-year plan is the first phase of implementation for Vision 2040.
Intisar Abdullah Al Wahaibi, the General Manager of Development Planning and the Project Manager for the preparation of the 10th five-year plan at the SCP, said, “The secretariat of the SCP held a workshop on the 10th five-year plan, which is the first phase of implementation for Vision 2040. The main goal of the workshop was to explain the methodology of drafting this plan.”
The aims of Vision 2040 and the projects and plans within will set an estimation of the investments and the job opportunities offered by them. The plan will study the employment priorities and the market labour situation. It will study the needs and demands of the market, and will determine the active policies that will help narrow the gap between the requirements and the demands of the job market. In addition, indicators will be set up to measure the performance, to monitor their implementation and measure their impact on the economy. The plan also benefits from the evaluation results of the objectives of Oman’s Future Vision 2040 that have been achieved so far, as well as the on-going ninth five-year plan.