Summer Time: Give your home a breath of fresh air

Lifestyle Friday 06/May/2016 18:36 PM
By: Times News Service
Summer Time: Give your home a breath of fresh air

It’s time to do some home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off for some time now. Include steps to improve your family’s home environment, both inside and outside. Your house will be a better and more comfortable place to live.
Conserve Water
Help preserve this precious resource by replacing any leaky indoor faucets in your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. Also, think about replacing your showerhead with a low-flow model. Outdoors, check the watering hose faucet for leaks and replace it if needed. And when mowing the lawn, set the blades 2 to 3 inches high because the longer grass shades the soil, improving moisture retention and helping the grass survive drought and tolerate insect damage.
Reduce Indoor Pollutants
Improve your home’s indoor air quality. Studies indicate indoor air may be 25 times, and occasionally more than 100 times, more polluted than outdoor air. A whole-house air cleaner, can remove up to 99.98 per cent of airborne particles and allergens from the filtered air, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, mould spores, and smoke.
Seal Air Leaks
Keep cool air in and hot air out by sealing leaks and adding insulation. Areas to check for repairs include the attic, garage, and unfinished basement. Throughout the house, ensure that all cooling and heating vents and registers meet the floors, walls and ceilings and are well sealed.
Keep Cool More Efficiently
Upgrading your cooling system to a more efficient one can save home energy consumption, helping to save you money. For example, a speed air conditioner is one of the industry’s most efficient systems, delivering precise cooling by running at the exact speed needed to keep a home constantly comfortable. This allows the compressor, outdoor fan, and indoor fan to vary operating speed as the temperature outside changes, slowing down or speeding up in small increments rather than turning completely off and on.
Shield Windows from the Hot Sun
Seasonal heat comes indoors from windows too; close draperies and shades, and install them in rooms that don’t already have them. Outside, create some natural shade near the windows by planting a tree, tall bushes or adding awnings on the sunniest side of the house.
Control Indoor Temperatures
Ensure a more comfortable home environment by adding a programmable HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control. Programmable smart controls are easy to use and, when paired with a smart home system, let you remotely monitor and control indoor temperatures, so you can adjust your