Oman crime: 14 Arab nationals arrested for theft in Dhofar region

Business Wednesday 13/January/2016 21:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman crime: 14 Arab nationals arrested for theft in Dhofar region

Muscat: Fourteen Arab nationals, including an Omani, were arrested by the Department of Criminal Investigations and Dhofar police, for theft and robbery, an official source from the Royal Oman Police (ROP) revealed.
The crimes ranged from simple larceny to burglary in several locations in the Governorate where well known restaurants and shops were targeted after dark using professional methods.
The ROP source added that a team was formed to gather intelligence to follow up on the cases, which led to the capture of the suspects.
When faced with evidence against them, the suspects confessed to their crimes after which they were sent to the public prosecution for further investigation.
Meanwhile, the ROP also arrested 114 individuals for robbery in December 2015 in different parts of the Sultanate.
The official reiterated the Oman Penal Code Article (279) under “Simple Larceny,” which states that “Theft shall be punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years and a fine of OMR10 to OMR500.”
Article (282) under “Burglary” states, “Sentence to life imprisonment shall be pronounced if the theft compounds the following: If the theft is committed during night by two or more masked persons, one of whom at least bears an apparent or hidden weapon; if the theft is committed by entering into a house or its dependencies through breaking, pulling out, climbing of walls, use of forged keys, special device, or by deceit or any other unusual way; if the theft acts are accompanied by coercion or threat to use arms, either to prepare for the felony, to facilitate it, to secure the escape of offenders or to take hold of the stolen things.”
In addition, Article (283) states, “Sentence to imprisonment for 10 years at least shall be imposed if the theft is committed without compounding the events stated above (Article 282) and if carried out by entering inhabited places, either by breaking, pulling out or any other unusual means.”
14 illegals held in Buraimi
Police patrols from the Buraimi branch of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) have arrested 14 individuals; among them five persons, who entered the country illegally, seven had expired residency visas; one had absconded from his workplace and the last one was arrested for driving a motorcycle without a licence.
They have been referred to the public prosecution for further investigations.
Drug charges
The Royal Oman Police (ROP) is exerting every effort possible to combat the trade of narcotics, with the Directorate General of Narcotics Control arresting two Omanis for possession, peddling and use or drugs in the Wilayat Baushar.
Forty-seven pieces of hashish, weighing 385 grams, were found in their possession.
Meanwhile, the ROP also arrested three Omanis in Wilayat Sohar for smuggling and possession of drugs, with the intent of peddling.
Around 100 psychotropic tablets, six ready-wrapped and medium bag filled with heroin were found in their possession, including electronic equipment used to coordinate the smuggling and trading of drugs.
Forged documents
Recent crime statistics on forging private and official documents in 2015 point to the occurrence of 290 crimes, compared to 386 in 2014.
Those crimes are usually detected due to the development of modern technologies owned by the ROP to combat this type of crime. It should be noted that the falsification of the private documents is one of the most important problems that the ROP is firmly seeking to combat.