Oman expresses confidence in settling Yemen crisis

Energy Tuesday 03/December/2019 15:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman expresses confidence in settling Yemen crisis

Muscat: Oman has expressed confidence in witnessing positive developments in Yemen and hopes that this would lead to an end to the current crisis in the war-torn country, according to Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In an interview with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, Bin Alawi said:

''Oman understands the views of both sides and agrees with Saudi Arabia on the importance of the maintaining the security and the stability in Yemen and to defend and maintain its national security.''

''Regarding the situation in Yemen, all parties agree that it is time to resolve this conflict and end violence and destruction. There is a real opportunity to work on confidence building measures through setting differences and thinking of the common interest.'' Alawi added

H.E confirmed that: '' It is necessary to find ways to achieve security, political and economic stability in the region by ensuring oil and energy stability. It is necessary also to solve all units divide between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.''

About issues between Saudi Arabia and Houthis , Alawi had this to say: 'Saudi Arabia and Al Houthi leadership posses many power cards that would lead to a comprehensive and final agreement that will end the conflict in Yemen.''

Regarding the relationship between US and Iran, Alawi said: '' The most important step towards opening an American - Iranian dialogue is to define the conditions and terms of reference for this dialogue, as will as confidence building measures.''