Enhanced Oil Recovery brings latest technology in waste water treatment to Oman
May 2, 2016 | 6:24 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: Enhanced Oil Recovery LLC has partnered with Themark Corporation of USA to bring in the HydroPod technology to the Sultanate. This technology, which won the Water Management Company Award in the USA in 2015,can take waste water from different sources that are not meeting the Oman waste water discharge standards, including refineries, industrial estates, primary and secondary sewerage treatment plants. Then it treats waste water with the HydroPod and solves the water pollution problem in Oman.

The HydroPod is a small mobile unit (fits in a 15 foot container) and can be moved from one company to another to treat water that is not meeting the Oman environmental standards. To this date, the alternative has been expensive chemical pre-treatment of industrial wastes or expensive tertiary treatment of liquid waste, which has been unviable to most industries in the country. With the HydroPod, the company will be able to help the Sultanate maintain its stringent environmental standards and also promote aspiration for industrial growth by providing low and effective solutions.

Today, under the auspices of Mohammed bin Salim Al Tobi, the Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs (MoECA); Enhanced Oil Recovery has one of its HydroPod units in the MoECA for a live demonstration of how it works and for further discussions on how this Omani SME can play a role in our beloved Sultanate’s future.

Abdullah bin Rashid Al Mandhari, the CEO of Enhanced Oil Recovery said that he is proud to play a role in the environmental scene in Oman, and is also proud to say that he is in final discussions with other GCC countries which are pushing for this technology to be utilised.

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