Travel Oman:Visit Nakhal for its hot water springs

Oman Monday 02/December/2019 20:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Travel Oman:Visit Nakhal for its hot water springs

Hot springs have been valued for their ability to provide relaxation and ease pain over the centuries, and if you’re looking for this sort of amazing therapeutic treatment in Oman, then Nakhal is where you need to go.
Located about 90km from Muscat, Nakhal’s hot water springs have gained popularity among people across Oman, and are surrounded by some of the country’s best landscapes.
“Close to the Nakhal Fort, along a winding road framed by palm trees as far as the eye can see, are the Ain Al Thawarah hot springs. To this day, locals use the springs as a trusted water supply, and there is even a small pool to enjoy the therapeutic properties of the mineral water,” said the Ministry of Tourism.
“Beyond the date plantations that surround Nakhal Fort, this hot spring emerges from the wadi walls and is directed into a falaj (irrigation channel) for the irrigation of the surrounding plantations,” added the country’s ministry. “There are usually children and goats splashing in the overspill. Look out for the flash of turquoise-winged Indian rollers, among other birds, attracted to the oasis.
“Picnic tables with shelters, a store and toilets make it popular at weekends,” said the ministry. “These are a collection of hot springs that gush forth all year round from the Silud Mountain and flow from the valley for a distance of 300 metres before branching out into two tributaries: Falaj Kabbah and Falaj As Sarooj. Wilayat Nakhal depends on this spring and its tributaries to irrigate its cultivated lands. The spring is one of the most popular tourist sites in Al Batinah South Governorate.”