Running out of cooking gas early? Then read this

Business Monday 02/December/2019 13:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Running out of cooking gas early? Then read this

Muscat: Consumer Protection authorities have shut down a company which was found guilty of filling less gas than was required in cylinders.

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) unit in Barka has managed to stop a company engaged in marketing gas products while cheating customers over the quantities of gas-filled in these cylinders. They would fill an amount that was less than the quantity approved by the specifications and standards.

Judicial officers seized the company's assets when the scam was discovered while filling the cylinders for a gas vending vehicle. The Municipal Authority weighed the cylinders after they were filled and found that their weight was deficient, as the amount of shortage in some gas cylinders amounted to 4 kg.

Ahmed Al Zadjali of PACP said: "What the company has done is contrary to Article 7 of the consumer protection law, which stipulates the prohibition in trading of counterfeit, corrupt, or unauthorised goods."