Six reasons why you should take your workout outdoors

Lifestyle Sunday 24/November/2019 16:02 PM
By: Times News Service

We all know that the best way to look good and feel good is to include some exercise in our routine. If you go to the gym regularly, that’s great! But for those who shy away from the gym (yes, that’s a real problem) or just want to spice up their routine, exercising outdoors is a great alternative. Here is why you should consider it too:
It doesn’t get boring
Everybody likes a little variety. Going to the same place, amidst the same equipment, people and setup can get monotonous. But when it comes to the outdoors, you can pick a new jogging track, head to the beach, or even stop at your neighbourhood park. Oman offers a variety of terrain, so you have a new option every time. And let’s be real, there are only a limited number of workout machines you can alternate between to make it feel like you’re doing something new.
Natural obstacles
Talking about trying out a new place, the fun part is that they all come with their own challenges. If you’re a beach lover, you’ll know walking on sand (we aren’t even going to mention running) is a lot harder than walking on a treadmill. A jogging track, on the other hand, might have more uphill climbs than you anticipated. Natural obstacles can be a lot harder than your planned inclinations on a treadmill too. Your body encounters a continually changing environment and tries to adapt itself to maintain pace, therefore, burning more calories.
Ample space
Isn’t it great that you have the option to workout in your own space? No fighting for your machine, no cramped spaces, and no loud gym mates (not to mention sweaty). Exercising outside enables you to pick a nice spot and workout in your own space (and with peace of mind).
Wind resistance
This is as natural as it gets! When running, a strong headwind can help you burn more calories, because you end up putting more effort to go against it. On the other hand, if you thought a tailwind is just making you glide, think again. This actually ends up activating the larger muscle fibers that help in toning the body.
Close to nature
We spend the entire day in office, at home, or in our cars. Working out in the open will help you get your daily dose of Vitamin D. But if you’re working out in the evening, worry not; being close to nature is still revitalizing.
It’s free
The best part is that you don’t need to sign up anywhere, apart from committing to yourself, of course. Nature demands no membership fee — it is absolutely free!
Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. Follow Antara on instagram: @antarabose and on Facebook: Antara Bose.