Overusage of antibiotics is dangerous, Oman's Health Ministry warns

Oman Sunday 24/November/2019 11:26 AM
By: Times News Service
Overusage of antibiotics is dangerous, Oman's Health Ministry warns

Muscat: The overusage of antibiotics to treat symptoms like cold and flu is dangerous as the medicines then lose their effectiveness, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has published on the occasion of World Antibiotics Awareness week.

A statement issued online by the Ministry of Health said, “(We are) stopping the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics with our own hands. Let us take precautions to avoid infection and rationalize the use of antibiotics, not to excessively use antibiotics in the field of fish and animal husbandry and to follow the infection control procedures within health institutions. The patient must show commitment to complete the treatment period and adhere to the conditions of hygiene. (Doctors) to not over-prescribe antibiotics medically.”

“Misuse or overuse of antibiotics contributes to making bacteria more resistant to treatment. This represents one of the greatest threats to global health,” the statement said, adding, “Proper use of antibiotics limits the resistance of microbes to treatment. It is also considered that antibiotic protection is a shared responsibility.”

In addition, the MoH said, "Antibiotic resistance is a global crisis that poses a real health threat due to its prolonged use, which makes it less effective and makes dealing with certain diseases very difficult. Taking antibiotics in cases of viral infection does not help to improve the patient's condition, nor does it prevent infection and does not protect others from transmission. Untreatable viral infections like; types of rubble and flu , most cases of otitis, non-bacterial sore throat, most cases of cough and respiratory tract infection and stomach flu, also known as gastritis cannot be cured with antibiotics."

The Ministry stressed that one should not use antibiotics that remain from previous treatments or share them with family members. "Our optimal use gives us the best results. Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics results in prolonged hospital stay, prolonged illness and increased morbidity, high cost of medical care and risk of death. Let make sure that antibiotics are used only by prescription."