Best Places For Ocean Swimming In Muscat

T-Mag Sunday 24/April/2016 12:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Best Places For Ocean Swimming In Muscat

Peter Shaw is one of many passionate swimmers in Muscat. In his early 60s, he wakes up early in the morning on the weekends, puts on his swim trunks, and heads to the Shatti Al Qurum beach for a 7am swim with his friends. “Swimming is the secret of my energy,” said the retired executive.

Swimming is considered to be the best workout programme to burn excess fat, build muscles, shape body, and improve lung capacity, among many other things and fitness enthusiasts, cutting across age and gender across the world, are well aware of its benefits.
For some, the solitary nature of the sport can make it feel monotonous. But this has changed here in Oman, where people have begun venturing out for group swims in the sea.

Swimming in a group offers plenty of advantages. It allows participants to safely swim in the open ocean, which is a fun challenge for even experienced swimmers.

As you glide through the water you can enjoy the beautiful aquatic surroundings, spot some rare fish, and take in the views of the coastline.

Though the salty ocean water offers swimmers greater buoyancy, making floating easy, it is good to learn the nuances of swimming from an experienced trainer before diving in.

Dr R. K. Sanghavi is one such coach in Muscat who has been training ocean swimmers in Oman since 1984. A medical practitioner at Alawi Clinic in Wadi Kabir, he offers free swimming classes near the stretch of beach near Kalbuh Park in Muttrah on the weekends.

“We have an interesting mix of trainees. The youngest of the lot was a boy just one year old and the oldest was 64 years old. A majority of them are novices who never swam in their life. We follow scientific methods to make the process simple,” he said.
Though ocean swimming is not typically dangerous, Sanghavi says it is better to keep an eye on the weather conditions before going out into the sea and to have some basic knowledge about the currents. “One should not venture out in the rough sea. And one has to be extremely careful about deadly undercurrents.”

The group activity will bring out the best in participants as they try to keep pace with one another, engaging in healthy competition, which can lead to greater endurance and fitness levels. And, most importantly, it’s just plain fun.

Best Places For Ocean Swimming In Muscat
1. Kalbuh Beach
The gentle waters of the beach near Kalbuh Park in Muttrah are ideal for beginners and experienced swimmers, alike.

2. Bandar Al Khayran
In between swimming, you can do a bit of snorkelling in this beautiful location.

3. Shatti Al Qurum
The long stretch from Crowne Plaza to the Chedi Hotel is an ideal playground for endurance swimmers.

4. Bama, Quriyat
If you want to swim in a calm environment, Bama is the best place for you.

5. Yiti
Enjoy hassle-free swimming, away from the public gaze, in serene surroundings.

Learn Ocean Swimming
with Dr Sanghavi’s free training classes
Location: Kalbuh Park
When: Friday and Saturday
Time: From 7am onwards
Things to bring: Goggles and your swimsuit

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