PM Imran Khan calls on the World to 'invest in Pakistan now'
February 11, 2019 | 12:52 PM
by Times
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan at the World Government Summit. Photo: World Government Summit/Twitter

Muscat: Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the world to 'invest in Pakistan now' during a recent keynote address in Dubai.

Khan summarised his message during the World Government Summit as, "The potential of Pakistan & its people has been the driving factor in my political journey.

"To all those parties looking at Pakistan today as it begins it’s uphill journey, my message from the World Government Summit is: this is the time to invest in Pakistan, don’t miss the boat

during the World Government Summit, “Invest now in Pakistan while you can, while it is still at the beginning of it’s upswing. Don’t miss the boat,” he added.

The former cricket star added, ""As we create wealth, we will use that money to bring people out of poverty, encouraging equitable growth."

Khan's message comes as the South Asian state continues to reach out to new investors, with a number of countries already pledging billions to Pakistan.

In January, Saudi Arabia announced plans to build a $10 billion USD oil refinery in the Pakistani port of Gwadar.

Additionally, the UAE have deposited $3 billion USD each in Pakistan. The UAE Pakistan Assistance Programme also confirmed Phase III of its operations, which would result in the implementation of 40 projects at a total cost of $200 million USD funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development.

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