Indian School Board introduces Entrepreneurship Club activities

Oman Tuesday 15/October/2019 00:21 AM
By: Times News Service
Indian School Board introduces Entrepreneurship Club activities

Muscat: With a view to igniting the spark of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship innate in children and transforming them into competent, enterprising and confident visionaries, the Board of Directors of Indian Schools has initiated Entrepreneurship Club activities in Schools.

This is yet another significant initiative of the Board, aligned with its vision to provide transformative learning to every child and to equip them to find their identity and purpose in life.

The programme was officially launched at a ceremony held on Monday, 7 th October at Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir.
Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, Chairman – Board of Directors, Indian Schools Oman, presided over the function as the chief guest while Mr. Arjun Sethunath, serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker, delivered the keynote address. Mr. Alkesh Joshi, Hon. President of the School Management Committee and Mr. M.P. Vinoba, Senior Principal and Education Advisor were also present.

In his presidential address, Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel emphasized the importance and relevance ofFinancial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy to thrive and flourish in the world of business – whether as an employer or as an employee. “Our aim is for the Entrepreneurship Club to be a space where the inherent creativity of our students is fostered, supported by a real-world, practical understanding of how enterprises work. The club will familiarise students with the basics of a start-up - from the creation of new innovative ideas to converting those into a viable business model, and will also be a platform for interaction with like-minded students, mentors
or entrepreneurs.”

Mr. Arjun Sethunath in his motivational address differentiated between a businessman and an entrepreneur and encouraged students not to be afraid of failures. “The prevailing school of thought in progressive companies like Intuit, Corning and Virgin Atlantic is that great success
depends on great risk, and failure is simply a common by-product. Executives of such organisations don’t mourn their mistakes but instead translate them into future gains,” he said.

The Entrepreneurship Club of Indian Schools is aptly called ‘Stride’, qualifying the most salient characteristic of an entrepreneur - referring to the decisive step taken in one focused direction taken with undivided attention and undying grit and determination.

A series of motivational speeches and a visit to the Entrepreneurial Development Institute of India at Ahmedabad are in the pipeline for members of the Club. The Commerce Department of Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir gave a presentation about the various entrepreneurial activities taken up by the department both in the school and inter-school levels.