Lack of oxygen behind death of fish in Marina: Ministry

Business Sunday 13/October/2019 17:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Lack of oxygen behind death of fish in Marina: Ministry

Muscat: The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has confirmed that the cause of death of fish in Marina Bandar Al Rawdha is due to lack of oxygen — due to the presence of large numbers of fish in a semi-closed area — and there is no evidence to support any other claim.
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According to a Ministry specialist, the quantity of dead drone fish ranged from six to eight tonnes.

On Thursday evening at 2.00 pm, large number of sardines had filled the Marine after they were chased by big fish like tuna, although the fish began dying off by Friday.

Dr Abdullah Al Nahdi, the head of Marine and Fisheries Science Center at the Ministry said: "Upon receiving the report, specialists went to the Marina to inspect the site and take water and fish samples to determine the species and quantity."

Al Nahdi added: “Upon laboratory analysis of the samples, it was found that there was no red tide or phytoplankton bloom phenomena and the main cause of death of the fish was that a large number of fish entered the semi-closed area, that led to the depletion of oxygen in the region and lead to the death."

"The quantity of fish ranged from six to eight tonnes, which is very large, and all the fish were removed within 24 hours by the Muscat Municipality administration, and the water will automatically return to normal."

He confirmed that, "This is a natural case and nothing to worry about and it is rare repetition of a case from the port of Sidab, which witnessed a similar incident years ago."