Oman's TRA does not oppose reduction of prices

Energy Tuesday 01/October/2019 09:45 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman's TRA does not oppose reduction of prices

Muscat: The third operator will not be subject to prerequisites of tariff, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority TRA announced.

In a statement online, a TRA official said: "It is not true what has been circulated regarding that TRA opposing reduction of prices of telecommunications services, and the third operator will not be subject to the prerequisites of the tariff."

He added: "In open markets such as the telecommunications market in Oman regulatory authority bodies do not set prices. The role of the regulator in tariff offers is to review and approve or reject proposals for proposals submitted by licensees before they are applied in the market."

According to TRA official, in evaluating the offers, the Authority takes into account the interests of the consumer and maintains the sustainability of competition.

"Consumer interest includes clarity and transparency of the details, terms, and conditions of the offer, and does not involve any misleading of the users, or any exploitation of their inexperience or knowledge of the technical aspects of the services," TRA official explained.

"It also includes maintaining the sustainability of competition, where tariffs do not involve anti-competitive practices, enabling the dominant licensee to exploit its market position to harm or limit fair competition."