Travel Oman: Enjoy the serenity of Qurum beach

Oman Monday 30/September/2019 20:39 PM
By: Times News Service

Odd as it may sound, Oman is a country where one can switch between hanging out with friends and being alone in a matter of minutes. People in Oman respect each others’ privacy, and know that while there are times when they want to spend time with others, there are also occasions on which they would like to be by themselves and reflect on things.
Qurum beach in Shatti Al Qurum allows people to do just that.
Where the pristine, sun-kissed azure waters lap against the soft sand, friends and family reconnect after a hard day’s work, it is also not uncommon to find people going for a solitary walk or jog and be with their own thoughts.
“Escape the heat, hustle and bustle of the city and head to the coast,” says Oman’s Ministry of Tourism. “And where better to go than the popular Qurum Beach? Catch some sun on the beautiful sandy beach or lie in the shade of a palm tree. It’s free to enjoy as you wish.
“Need to cool off? Then submerge yourself in the clear waters of the Gulf of Oman. And once it’s time to rehydrate you’ll find a great choice of cafes and coffee shops close by. Located in the upmarket neighbourhood of Qurum – the beating heart of modern Muscat – the beach here is a busy centre of activity. Ride the waves on a jet ski or see and be seen along the coastal road – a classic, scenic strip popular with strolling locals.
Qurum Beach stretches for four kilometres (2.5 miles) along the Muscat coastline. There’s no great tidal range and waves are small, so even bathing is relatively safe at Qurum Beach. There is also a good selection of international refreshment and dining options along the coast road."
Canadian national Ross Blake has some rather fond memories of the beach. “The beach was packed on Friday afternoon, much like most municipal parks and beaches in the Middle East,” he recalled. “Locals play in the surf and children fly kites. During other days, the beach is much less occupied and certainly more relaxing. Even without swimming, the beach is worth a visit to walk along the shoreline and appreciate the ocean breeze and sunshine.
“The beach was clean with no litter, which was actually surprising due to the number of people there on Friday night. The water was warm in November and the surf was gentle.”