Meethaq Sharia Board reviews performance, growth strategy

Business Monday 30/September/2019 17:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Meethaq Sharia Board reviews performance, growth strategy

Muscat: Meethaq’s Sharia Supervisory Board led by Sheikh Dr Ali Qaradaghi, chairman, held its third meeting for 2019 at the Bank Muscat Head Office. The meeting was attended by the board members as well as Shamzani Mohammed Hussain, general manager, and other senior officials from Meethaq.
The meeting reviewed Islamic banking performance and new Meethaq investment products and contracts related to treasury and liquidity management. The Meethaq Sharia Supervisory Board also discussed compliance and audit-related matters. It also reviewed a number of new personal financing products and services as well as financial products for the corporate sector. During its meeting, the board also decided to amend some of the products offered by Meethaq to realign it more closely with best practices in the sector.
Meethaq thanked the Board’s chairman Sheikh Dr Ali Qaradaghi and all the members for their efforts and contributions to Meethaq Islamic Banking. They noted that organising these meetings are very important as it provides a sound legal opinion for the transactions, agreements and contracts made by Meethaq.