OAA honours champions of motorsport

Sports Wednesday 25/September/2019 11:12 AM
By: Times News Service
OAA honours champions of motorsport

Muscat: Oman Automobile Association (OAA) feted the cross country and desert challenge driver Abdullah al Zubair and Shihab al Habsi who won laurels for the Sultanate in the past few years at the OAA premises on Monday.

The function was part of the OAA initiative to support the Omani motor sport drivers who are raising the Sultanate flag high in different regional and international occasions through providing materialistic and incorporeal support. Brigadier Jamal al Taie, vice chairman of OAA was the chief guest of the event in presence of Shaikh Al Zubair bin Mohammed al Zubair (racer Abdullah’s father), Ahmed al Habsi ( Shihab’s father), several OAA officials including Suleiman bin Abdullah al Rawahi, General Manager of OAA, Hisham al Sinani and Falah al Jabri board members of OAA.

Hisham al Sinani, board member at OAA, delivered a speech in the event and stated that this event is part of OAA support to all the members of motor sports in the Sultanate including the international racer Abdullah al Zubair and the young champion Shihab al Habsi who had triumphs at the regional and international level.

“Both of the drivers achieved top results in their latest participations which reflected the high level of Oman’s motor sports. Since the formation of OAA, there was a huge attention from the board to provide maximum efforts to develop the motor sports in the Sultanate. Also, to stand with the national champions and ease their participations in different events to claim podiums,” OAA chief added.

“A dedicated thanks to all our stakeholder and special thank to Lt Gen Hassan bin Mohsin al Shraiqi, Inspector General of Police and Customs, for his whole-hearted continuous support to the OAA activities and competitions,” OAA board member concluded.

Later, the chief guest accompanied with the officials of OAA, awarded the sponsorship certificates and honored the racers Al Zubair and al Habsi.

Congratulating all the domestic champions, the vice chairman of OAA said: “Omani drivers registered good results in their different racing tournaments and championships. Many of Omani racers classified with top level drivers. OAA will continue providing the maximum level of support including the funding, logistics, registration at the international federation, technical support and other kind of assistant,” OAA chief concluded.

Speaking after the ceremony, Abdullah al Zubair from AZ team affirmed that the support from OAA is essential for us and it is inline with our future requirement. Also, it is encouraging us to do better in the upcoming participations.

“Motor sports are too expensive sport and require a lot to spend and change. The OAA sponsorship will cover some part of the expenses. We are looking forward for more kind of support,” Al Zubair added.

The duo Abdullah al Zubair and co-driver Faisal al Raisi will take part at the Morocco Rally in beginning of October. AZ Racing team who has already been on the T3 podium this season during the championship opening Baja in Russia’s will look forward to more accomplishments.

The youngster of motor sport, Shihab al Habsi, expressed his feelings and said that this is a good step from OAA.

“Definitely, this will encourage us to provide our best in the forthcoming races and achieve more accomplishments. My goal is to be the first ever Omani and Arabian to reach at F1 and register top results and represent the Sultanate well at the global events. My forthcoming participation is in Portugal during September 27 to 29. I hope to register the best results in this race,” Al Habsi added.

“My previous triumphs in different international circuits will inspires me to do further achievement in the upcoming events. I hope to get more sponsors as motor sports is an expensive sports which required a lot to be in the top continuously,” Shihab concluded