Royal Hospital to introduce appointment system to reduce waiting period
February 9, 2019 | 8:25 PM
by Times News Service
The Royal Hospital in Oman aims to reduce the patient waiting time across its departments through an appointment system.- File photo

MUSCAT: Patients will now need to book an appointment to meet a doctor at the Royal Hospital. Starting February 27, 2019, the Royal Hospital in Oman will launch a time-based appointment system.

“This will help patients meet doctors on time and will reduce the waiting period. This will also improve the quality of medical services provided to the community,” said the hospital in a statement issued on Friday.

According to the statement, the new system will help patients meet their respective doctors according to the time specified in the appointment sheet. The hospital also urged patients to arrive at least one hour before the allotted time.

During the past few months, the Royal Hospital tested the appointment system in some departments and centres. After the trials, it was decided to implement the system throughout the hospital.

“The system will not include appointments for inpatient services such as catheterisation and tests or similar services,” the Royal Hospital said.

“We have allocated a WhatsApp number to call in case the patient’s appointment date or time is not suitable,” the hospital added. “The names of those whose appointments have been cancelled due to a delay will be recorded. Then, the medical teams will review the names to provide another date or request for a new transfer.” According to hospital officials, the implementation of this system will especially help serve patients coming from remote places.

“They will be able to organise their journey, whether by land or air, to arrive on the same day, receive the services, then return to their homes without the need to drive at night or stay overnight.”

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