Escape the heat at Ras Al Madrakah

Oman Saturday 21/September/2019 18:37 PM
By: Times News Service

Tourists who come to Oman during the cooler months usually visit looking forward to a spot of sunshine and mild weather, and those residing in Oman actively search for areas in the Sultanate that offer respite from the heat.
Ras Madrakah, located near Duqm, offers plenty of both. Its location on the coast means there is always a cool breeze, accompanied by the refreshing spray of the Arabian Sea, for those who are looking to escape the heat.
Madrakh’s climate remains largely pleasant for the most of Oman’s traditional tourism season - from September to March.
It is fast becoming a favourite camping spot for many with tourists, residents and locals alike setting up tents to experience a night out with nature.
Ras Madrakah is also a lot more breezy, misty, and cool, due to its close proximity to the Dhofar region, which enjoys the refreshing Khareef season during the summer months.
The temperature drops to as low as 25 degrees Celsius here, while it is still often more than 40 degrees in Muscat.
The scenery here is aesthetically alluring and it has also developed a reputation as a good fishing spot, where people can enjoy the soft sand and waves on a weekend camping trip.
According to the Ministry of Tourism, “the contrast between white, soft sand and black volcanic rock formations make Ras Madrakah a favourite for those camping and fishing close to the shore.
“An hour’s detour off the main road between Duqm and Shwaymiya is rewarded by the sight of a colourful landscape of rocks in every imaginable hue. These headlands edge the coast and are interrupted with pretty, white-sand bays."