Ministry to determine Omanisation rate in utility sector

Energy Sunday 08/September/2019 09:16 AM
By: Times News Service
Ministry to determine Omanisation rate in utility sector

Muscat: With zero per cent expats in some jobs, the Ministry of Manpower has decided to determine the percentage of the national workforce working in companies operating in the electricity and water supply sectors.

According to the decision, the leadership positions in water companies shall be completely Omanised by the third year from the beginning of the contract while in electricity companies, 90 per cent Omanisation in managerial positions must be achieved in the fourth year of the contract

The Ministry said in Article 1 of its decision: "The proportion of the national workforce in private sector institutions contracted with enterprises operating in the electricity and water sectors shall be as set forth in the resolution."

The decision defined a gradualisation of the Omanisation ratios that companies must achieve over the years since the start of the contract.

According to the decision, in water companies, the positions targeted include manager, field team leader, subscriber services supervisor and supervisors.

Additionaly, in water companies, Technical Support jobs need to reach a specific percentage of Omanisation within five years of signing the contract. The post of engineer will start with Omanisation at 50 percent in the first year and up to 75 percent by the fifth year, operators start at 30 percent Omanisation and increase to up to 99 percent over the contract period while technicians start from 70 percent and go up to 90 percent in the five years. A similar target has been set for those who deal with control panel water technology.

The electricity companies should reach a target of 70 per cent Omanisation of the national workforce in engineering and supervisors positions within four years, where technical employees have to be 80 percent Omanis and 50 per cent Omanisation in cable connector and power line connector positions.