Travel Oman: Visit Mawaleh's fruits and vegetables market

Oman Saturday 31/August/2019 20:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Travel Oman: Visit Mawaleh's fruits and vegetables market

Located at a distance of some 42 kilometres from old Muscat, the Mawaleh fruits and vegetables market has long been the epicentre of fruits and vegetables trade of not just Muscat, but of most of the surrounding areas as well.The produce market not only features the fruits and vegetables grown in Oman, but also offers an array of products that are shipped to Oman from overseas. Chances are that the fruits in your home and the vegetables in your fridge were probably sourced from this market after being shipped to Oman. Given that this is the central fruits and vegetables market for this part of the country, many departmental stores and supermarkets in the country source their fruits and vegetables from here.
Plenty of produce
Citizens and residents come here to buy fruits and vegetables, which is often available for sale at very affordable rates. In addition, in case your choice of produce isn’t available, you can always ask them to accommodate your request when the next shipment arrives. Although there is plenty of produce in the Mawaleh fruits and vegetables market, sometimes unfortunately some of it does go to waste, because one can never predict the exact demand and supply. Several modern and unconventional methods of farming are also being used in the country. Aquaponics, for example, enables farmers to grow crops that might not otherwise bear fruit in arid conditions. Swiss chard and rock melon are among the products grown through this method.
Must buy
While many fruits, such as mangoes, apples, oranges, pears and many others are of course imported into the country, as is more exotic produce, Oman produces many agricultural products of its own. While dates are of course the most well-known of these products, several others are known to thrive in desert conditions. Oman grows watermelon that thrives in the desert, while the far greener areas in Salalah are home to coconuts, bananas and papayas. In addition, many vegetables, including green beans, tomatoes, potatoes and ginger are grown in the country - which has plans to move towards self-sufficiency in the future. Not only are these products used in Oman, they are also exported to other neighbouring countries.