Municipality warns about this unhygienic practice by barbers in Oman

Oman Wednesday 28/August/2019 10:53 AM
By: Times News Service
Municipality warns about this unhygienic practice by barbers in Oman

Muscat: The Sohar Municipality has spoken out about an unhygienic practice of barbers wiping their razors against their hands.

The municipality replied to a concerned citizen who asked about whether the practice, which some barbers follow to clear a customer’s chin while still being fast at their work, could lead to accidental cuts and contamination at the stores, and it said that there may soon be cameras in barber stores in Oman.

The citizen asked: “Dear health affairs officials at Shohar Muncipality, please visit some of the men’s barbershops and tell barbers not to wipe off the leftover gel or foam off the razor and onto their hands. They could cut themselves and then affect their health.

“They should be made to wipe off the razors onto a container instead,” he added.

In response, the municipality informed him that these kinds of actions violate public health standards.

The municipality wrote in its response: “Good evening, we will do what is needed. This practice violated health standards and we will follow this issue.”

“We are also aiming to coordinate with the operations directorates of the Royal Oman Police to monitor and unload the contents of [future] video cameras at the barbershops periodically in order to discover all health violations at these stores and to give fines using undeniable proof.

“This concern is in its place and we thank the person who asked us for his care.”