Oman Tourism: A drive through Sur's coastal villages

T-Mag Wednesday 16/March/2016 21:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Tourism: A drive through Sur's coastal villages

09.00 Wake up and sip your dose of daily Turkish coffee or espresso before starting your drive south to Sur.

10.30 Stop in Fins village to visit the only coffee shop in town (at the entrance of the village). Order karak tea or nescafe and enjoy a delicious egg sandwich. Refresh with a splash at Fins beach before continuing south.

12.00 Reach Sur, the coastal town famous for dhow (traditional sailing vessels) building, and visit the operational dhow workshop on the main corniche and the historic, 300 ton, 20m-long Fatah Al Khair ship up the street at the outdoor maritime museum.

13.30 Order fresh catch or cuttlefish biryani at the Sur Beach Restaurant (+968 2554 1396) near the souq or for a lighter snack, get some crispy Omani bread and a fruit salad at the small tea and juice shops across the street from Resort Sur Beach Holiday.

15.00 Check in at Resort Sur Beach Holiday (+968 2554 2032) and then take a quick drive to the lighthouses overlooking the bridge connecting old and new Sur. The 360 degree view is a must-see.

16.00 Munch on some luqaimat fried dough in syrup, sold alongside steamed buttered corn at White Coffee Shop on the beachfront. Have an evening stroll along the corniche before heading back to your hotel for a dip in the pool, some dinner, and a night cap.

09.00 Enjoy the breakfast buffet at the hotel before checking out and getting back on the road. Take the Highway 23 to Jalan Bani Bu Hassan. It features a massive re-built fort, which is closed on the weekends, but the walk around it deserves a short stop.

12.00 Drive 20 minutes back north to Al Kamil Wal Wafi and stop at the Old Castle Museum to see its large collection of antiques. Don’t miss the old houses surrounding the castle, which still retain their ancient charm. Peek into the small fish market just on the left side of the museum car park before you commence your two-and-a-half hour drive home.

17.00 Arrive to your sweet Muscat home just in time to go to the movies.
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