China rebukes Australian MP for 'Nazi Germany’ jibe

World Thursday 08/August/2019 14:48 PM
By: Times News Service
China rebukes Australian MP for 'Nazi Germany’ jibe

Beijing: China has sharply rebuked an Australian government MP for comparing the West's approach to China to what he called the "catastrophic" failure to hold back Nazi Germany.

Andrew Hastie, the head of a parliamentary security committee, said on Thursday that Australia was failing to recognise threats posed by China.

Beijing said it deplored Hastie's comments and his "Cold War mentality".

Australian PM Scott Morrison said Hastie was entitled to his own views.

Opposition lawmakers said Hastie's "extreme" comments would exacerbate recent strains with China.

Australia has struggled in recent times to balance its traditional security alliance with the US with its economic reliance on China.