Know your week: Places to visit this Eid

T-Mag Thursday 08/August/2019 09:36 AM
By: Times News Service
Know your week: Places to visit this Eid

Visit the country’s highest Mountain

With summer heat still there, visit Jabal Shams this Eid and enjoy the cool weather. You can camp out on one of the peaks. Adventurers can plan to go on a hiking trail.
Rejuvenate and relax this Eid holiday

Wake up to breathtaking ocean views or luscious garden and pool views at W Muscat. Enjoy a healthy breakfast buffet for two at all-day dining restaurant, Harvest, along with 20% off at all restaurants. Fuel your body and rejuvenate your mind at Away Spa. Enjoy 3pm late checkout.
spend a day at Wadi Al Hoqain

Go to Wadi Al Hoqain which is about 150km from Muscat. It is a beautiful wadi in Rustaq which runs throughout the year. The sounds of the fresh water is truly refreshing.