Healthier barbeque initiative by Oman's Sohar Municipality

Business Saturday 12/March/2016 23:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Healthier barbeque initiative by Oman's Sohar Municipality

Sohar: Barbeques have long been a popular feast globally and Oman is no exception. Young Omanis can be seen flocking on the sides of roads barbequing sticks of meat and chicken for passersby for only a small fee per stick.
The Sohar Municipality has therefore taken an initiative to provide barbeque stalls, which will be funded and supported by Jusoor. The locals can use these barbeques, which will ease the need for ‘chefs’ to take their equipment every night for the barbeque.
The stalls will be fitted with an electrical outlet to provide them with adequate lighting, a fan, grill and an exhaust for the smoke.
“Their presence was spontaneous and the tables and grills were not compliant to health standards. It also affected the image of the wilayat,” said Khali Al Dhahri, head of Marketing at the Sohar Municipality said.
The stalls will undergo regular inspections by the Health Affairs department at the municipality and will be monitored constantly.
“We would ensure the safety of the products used, as well as the validity of their medical cards,” explained Al Dhahri.
Those who wish to operate barbeque stalls must undergo medical examinations to ensure that they are free from contagious diseases, as well as obtain prior approval from the municipality.
Commenting on the feedback he had received, Al Dhahri explained that many of these vendors were positive and the idea had been accepted by the community.
“A while ago, some people came to us from surrounding wilayats, wanting to take permission for such stalls. Unfortunately for them, we don’t have jurisdiction in the other wilayats only in Sohar,” said Al Dhahri.
So far, there 26 stalls have been found in Sohar and are operated daily by Omani youth, with plans to install more in the coming future.