Stunning landscapes of Dhofar

Oman Monday 05/August/2019 22:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Stunning landscapes of Dhofar

Muscat: For everyone planning to visit Dhofar this season, Times of Oman has launched a series showcasing the varied scenery of Khareef with photographer Anas Al Dheeb.
Speaking about the new project, Al Dheeb said: “This series will serve as a guide and archive for all those who wish to visit Dhofar Governorate and it will help tourists to plan for their trip and make their time there even more enjoyable.”
Al Dheeb, who is a local of Dhofar, is used to touring, exploring gorgeous places and taking beautiful pictures of the Khareef season but this time, he decided to share his pictures with Times of Oman readers.
He said: “As a photographer, my goal is not just to take beautiful pictures of the place and to get the admiration of followers : my message is to show people the wonderful places in the governorate to encourage them to visit it.”
The collaboration will create informative and visually striking content at the same time, and it will be published on various media platforms.
Al Dheeb added: “There are many beautiful sites which are not well known and not visited by many tourists and we will introduce them in this series. We will show the waterfalls, valleys, mountains and beautiful beaches in the governorate in addition to heritage and archaeological sites.”
Visitors choose their destination depending on what they plan to do there ; whether visiting the governorate for photography, entertainment, relaxing or exploration, Al Dheeb has a message.
“It is important to plan your trip before visiting during Khareef season," he advises. “If you do not do so, your trip will be over before you have explored, and you will miss many of the wonderful sites. Many tourists come without specifying the areas that they want to visit, or they repeat the same known sites and miss a lot of beautiful places.”[email protected]